November 04 2015 0Comment


What is will?  Will is intention. If I want clear intention, where do I start?


I get focused on my goal with such unbending purpose that I refuse to fail, no matter what.


For example, imagine receiving a phone call at work to learn that a close family member is gravely ill and needs you immediately.


Would you go?

  • But, what if you had a critical deadline to meet?
  • What if your boss or customer threatened to fire you?
  • What if that same person physically locked you in your office?
  • What if you managed to climb out the window and made it to the parking lot to discover your car wouldn’t start?


Every time I describe this situation, the response is consistent.  People visualize doing whatever it takes to reach their ailing loved one.   This is an example of clear intention.


Our results are related to the intention that preceded them.  Success requires that we get clear about the results we choose to create.