LEAP: Master Your Superpowers, Soar to the Leading Edge

Why do some people advance to the leading edge of performance, while others with similar experience and ability do not?  High performers exhibit mastery of four critical areas of life:



In LEAP: Master Your Superpowers, Soar to the Leading Edge, leadership expert and CEO Marta Wilson teaches what she and her team have learned through a career of applied research: individuals with four types of mastery become superstars, and those who don’t tend to stall out without achieving their full potential.  Mastery of the four areas separate top performers from the crowd.


LEAP, or Leadership Effectiveness and Potential, is a framework that guides individuals and organizations to the leading edge of success.  Part action plan, part real-life case study, LEAP is packed with tools to help you unleash your potential.


Marta Wilson demonstrates that these areas of mastery can be developed and honed by anyone ready to take the leap.


Energized Enterprise: Leading Your Workforce to New Peaks of Performance in the Public Sector and Beyond

Dr. Marta Wilson

Lead your workforce to new peaks of performance. Develop and magnify your motivational acumen. Access, expand, unite, and guide the untapped energy in your organization.


When budgets are strained and changes are a constant on every horizon, it takes effective leaders to reinvigorate the government workplace. In Energized Enterprise, Dr. Marta Wilson helps public sector leaders be their best, do great things, and achieve meaningful success as they lift their workforce to new heights.


Energized Enterprise shows leaders how to put both the human element and the total enterprise at the forefront of their strategy and daily action, offering fundamental principles of effective leadership, seven key leadership rules, as well as research, stories, and practical examples. Utilizing Dr. Wilson’s expertise, public sector managers will implement the very best leadership practices to optimize fit, commitment, fairness, alignment, engagement, and communication.

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Dr. Marta Wilson

Engage your total enterprise to boost quality, speed, savings and innovation. Expand and strengthen your organizational acumen. Achieve your boldest goals. Despite the statistics, any organization can be sustained. How? By imagining the smallest step with the biggest payoff, and then choosing that one step. This primer helps leaders imagine ways to free everybody in their organization to do just that, by making it everybody’s business to know and grow the enterprise. Industrial and organizational psychologist, Dr. Marta Wilson, and her team of experts show how leaders in small businesses, large corporations, government agencies, and military organizations have found their best options by asking this recurring question: What is the smallest step with the biggest return? Wilson believes in the power of asking questions and listening—to customers, employees, suppliers, investors—as the best way to improve products or services. Leaders must initiate dialogue to discover ideas from each stakeholder’s unique vantage point. The short “Ask Yourself” section in each chapter will jump-start readers’ application of the seven dialog tools she provides.



Dr. Marta Wilson

Win the race for organizational health, wealth, and creative power. Boost and leverage your personal and interpersonal acumen. Be your best, do great things, and have meaningful success.


Give yourself the defining advantage in today’s virtual world competition. Global competitors and the advance of new technologies require leaders to be constantly in motion–transformational motion.


Launch and sustain a culture of transformation. In a culture of transformation, everyone has a leadership role, testing clarity and commitment against their guiding vision so each person can contribute to achieving goals at unimagined levels through renewed focus, direction and energy.

In a culture of transformation, individuals rise to the occasion, ready to step forward and seize opportunities in the relay of productivity, innovation and services. At the center of this team of individuals stands the authentic leader, who fearlessly commits to sustaining creative motion by diving deep and achieving new levels of personal mastery.


Handbook of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dr. Garry Coleman and Dr. Altyn Clark

Renowned as the one-stop source for industrial and systems engineering, the handbook is a collection of chapters written by the field’s rising stars. Garry D. Coleman, Ph.D., P.E., TSI Executive Vice President, accepted the invitation to write on strategic performance measurement, offering his unique take on process, purposes and implementation. The chapter focuses on the measurement of performance with medium- to long-term consequences at the corporate, business unit, plant or department level.


Transformation Desktop Guide

Stephen Hacker and Marta Wilson, Ph.D., with Cindy Schilling

This book details a simplified road map to guide people who want to create results in ways that defy apparent possibility. Transform your workplace and explore strategies on how to be, do, and lead conscious change.


Live A Difference

Marta Wilson and Cindy Schilling

A groundbreaking, interactive book aimed at individuals and groups ready to develop clear intention and conscious commitment in all aspects of their lives.


Work Miracles

Stephen Hacker and Marta Wilson, with Cindy (Johnston) Schilling

Explore how evolving consciousness can transform you and your workplace, and experiment with proven techniques for leading sustainable change.