Every day, clients rely on our multidisciplinary teams of experts, who design and implement customized solutions to achieve extraordinary and sustainable results. Our services help leaders and their organizations become leaner, faster, smarter and better so they can have meaningful success and attain the unimaginable.


TSI is a Human Capital Services firm that specializes in Organization Development, Workforce Development, and Enterprise and Mission Performance Management for federal and commercial customers Our unique blend of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Management Systems Engineering expertise applies engineering design and analysis methodologies to systems involving people and technologies within organizations.


TSI’s Leadership Effectiveness and Potential (LEAP) framework is a customizable COTS program that includes four types of masteries that help individuals achieve greater success (personal, interpersonal, organizational and motivational). The LEAP Program helps individuals expand results, leverage relationships, integrate their environment, and inspire performance. TSI provides a holistic approach that delivers tangible results for your organization’s Human Capital needs. 


We deliver results by providing individual and group training, consulting, and program support through Advisory & Assistance Services or Program Management Support Services. 

We improve your organization.

  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Enterprise / Organizational Assessment
  • Change Management / Culture Change
  • Team Development
  • Teambuilding
  • Team Communication
  • Team of Teams Training
  • Customer / Stakeholder Surveys

We develop your workforce.

  • Leadership Development
  • Individual Self-Assessment
  • 360-Assessment
  • Employee Surveys
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Personality Preference Profiles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Written Communications
  • Business Protocol
  • High Velocity Learning


We deliver results through enterprise and mission performance management.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Metrics
  • Process Improvement
  • Results Facilitation
  • Execution Review
  • Project Management (PMP, IMP, IMS, etc.)
  • Baldridge Self-Evaluation