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Curiosity is the desire to expand our knowledge and insight. Curiosity is the starting point for innovation, exploration, and growth. People who are personally masterful leverage their curiosity to expand their perspective.


To hone the power in our own curiosity, we listen without judgment, embrace the unexpected, spend time with other inquisitive people, ask questions, and remain open to all possibilities.


Why is this important?


Michael Dell, the chief executive of Dell, Inc., was asked to name the one attribute CEOs will need most to succeed in the turbulent times ahead and replied, “I would place my bet on curiosity.”


In the HBR article, Curiosity Is as Important as Intelligence, it is stated that, people with higher CQ (curiosity quotient) are more inquisitive and open to new experiences, find novelty exciting, and tend to generate many original ideas and are counter-conformist.


In fact, many of the most successful leaders of our time attribute some of their success to curiosity and a constant learning.

Cultivating a habit of curiosity opens the doors to our personal and professional growth.