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What do the best employers want in a new hire? There are seven qualities to look for in the recruiting and interview process and to expect from your team.  Effective leaders model these qualities themselves and nurture them within their spheres of influence.


Employees who take organizations to the leading edge demonstrate:

  1. Attitude: Consciously see the glass half full and promote positivity in their sphere of influence on a daily basis.
  2. Ambition: Continuously set challenging targets for themselves that keep them moving forward and upward.
  3. Attraction: Effortlessly and regularly draw people to them with grace, humor, warmth, energy and charm.
  4. Attributes: Choose to think, look, walk, talk and behave like they are successful.
  5. Access: Have a growing network of professional contacts interested in and connected to their field.
  6. Aptitude: Exhibit natural talents and innate strengths aligned with their industry and its stakeholders.
  7. Ability: Know how to effectively apply leading edge solutions associated with their job.


Let’s not forget an organization’s reputation and productivity can define the type of talent it attracts. Organizations that attract superstars deliver the best results, lead by example, nurture their employees, and align talent with jobs, coworkers, and culture.