An Organization of Strong Contributors

Budget pressures and economic competition have placed ever-greater demands on individual output. Burn-out eclipses enthusiasm. Crushing workload saps commitment. Fear undermines focus, and conflicts unresolved in the crush wake of activity take lasting tolls on professional relationships. Turnover drains resources and disrupts work. Hiring and onboarding are expensive—and risky.

What is the cost of one poor decision… one unresolved conflict…one weak work relationship…one disengaged leader?

Individual Opportunity as Strategic Priority

TSI uses a suite of proven assessment instruments, including the DiSC Assessment, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), CPI 360 Coaching Report for Leaders, StrengthFinders 2.0, The Thomas Kilman Conflict Inventory, Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (LSI), TSI’s proprietary Leadership Effectiveness and Potential (LEAP) program, among others. With this rich data and honed creative skills, TSI takes a deep dive, aligning individual with group development. The implementation can include anything from one-on-one coaching, to executive workshops, to training, advancement and succession plans. Our creative dialog includes:

What are my strengths and areas I can develop further?
How can I move forward to improve myself and the situation?
What am I willing to think, say, and do to make a difference?

The Value of Data for Individual Development

Competition starts with talent, because talent is central to flagship outcomes in an idea-driven world. Experience and creativity are at the heart of success, especially in forging vibrant relationships. Energetic, committed talent sustains success after achieving it. To support the development of key contributors, organizations benefit from leaders having individual assessment data to help build on strengths, identify areas of concern, and develop effective courses of action to improve one person at a time.

TSI Difference

Renowned for long-standing trust relationships with our clients, TSI believes in engineering organizational transformation one individual at a time. We use performance measures as motivational tools. Our approach to staff development blends our range of expertise—from behavioral and organizational psychology to best business practices and process engineering—to see each individual in perspective. Our plans align personal with organizational goals which put individuals and groups in charge of their futures.

Unleashing Potential Organization-Wide

  • Increased alignment
  • Accelerated development
  • Enhanced individual effectiveness
  • Observable collaboration
  • Increased clarity of growth areas
  • Greater focus in career decisions
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Better interpersonal relationships