Align Strategic Actions with Strategic Priorities

Fast-changing opportunities to advance and succeed require rapid response rates possible only when decisions are made with alignment of purpose and work is performed across divisions. Yet, sub-systems habitually act independently and at cross-purposes. Strategic plans must be integrated throughout the organization and do not drill down to roles and responsibilities – and performance measures. Only with strategic planning can organizations implement the daring decisions needed for triumph.

Does everyone in your organization know where you are headed, how they can help, and what success looks like at the end of the journey?

Strategy Improves Resource Stewardship

TSI’s approach to strategic planning is leadership-directed and participative. Groups and organizations transform into alignment as communication advances through meeting design, preparation, facilitation, post-work, and follow-up. Using our signature techniques, we guide teams to clarify mission, vision, values, and guiding principles. We empower them to prioritize needs, create smart initiatives to improve performance, and kick off a regular drumbeat to maintain and inspect the expected. Questions fundamental to our PATH process include:

What results and experiences do we want for our organization?
What are we willing to think, say, and do to create them?
How will we know if we are achieving what we want?

The Value of Knowing Your PATH

Shared clarity about goals and purpose is the single most successful driver of results in any group or organization. Dramatic results emerge from a process that honors the past, focuses on a compelling future, and energizes people onto a collective PATH forward.

TSI Difference

TSI understands that great strategic planning is a never-ending conversation about what people in the organization want to create, the culture they envision and the business results they need. Our powerful combination of intention and mechanism sparks imagination that ignites bold goals and passion for positive action.

Executing Strategy to Achieve Big Outcomes

  • Clear direction
  • Aligned purpose
  • Realistic goals
  • Wise resource use
  • Informed decisions
  • Nimble response
  • Faster production times
  • Alignment and collaboration
  • Communication among silos