Activity That Drives Results

Launching new or upgraded product lines for tomorrow often generates chaos, resistance, or stalemate in organizations. Meanwhile, today’s challenges occur rapid-fire, not waiting for groups to catch up. Operational environments change quickly and frequently, requiring constant adaptation for both your organization and for your customers, who often need products with multiple configurations. Without a holistic process in overall alignment, individual acquisition components grow isolated and start to work more at cross-purposes, driving activity without achieving milestones.

Are you certain you can provide new or upgraded product immediately at highest value for lowest cost?

Planning Attains Unimaginably Bold Goals

Our planning is reliably efficient and participative as a way to secure stakeholder buy-in that ensures willing support when refined roles and work plans are launched. Collaborative dialog at every stage of planning for the new or changed product creates the richest information—and the fastest action. Proven analytical criteria lead to the best decisions, even when the effect is a system overhaul under high pressure for change and delivery. Hard data and measurement tools track progress, permitting corrections and rewards. Critical questions we help you address include:

What is the current state of the product line and all its variants?
What customer needs are unmet by the current product lines?
What is the long term strategy for upgrades?

The Value of Product Line Agility

Agility is an absolute requirement for today’s realities. Structure and alignment define how agile your response to changing circumstances can be. When structure reflects the greater vision without contorting it, an organization is halfway to achievement. When roles, work, goals and direction are aligned, an organization can conquer any challenge with lightning speed and unrivaled product design, quality and delivery.

TSI Difference

In its work with high priority Department of Defense programs, TSI has developed a process to develop effective operational lifecycles for new and upgraded products. We tap the talent and expertise of all stakeholders, forging from the start collaborative bonds among individuals and groups. Our smoothly unfolding activity becomes a model for your new product line management, integrating all aspects of a complex system in what becomes a clearly mapped system of activity, role
and cost.

Planning and Fielding Best-Value Products

  • Strategically aligned operations
  • Adaptable acquisition plans
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Insight to operational conditions
  • Seamless production and delivery
  • High quality consistency
  • Immediate product volume
  • Performance based logistics
  • Decreased implementation cost