Justifying Requirements, Demonstrating Results

Shrinking budgets and limited resources require a routine of demonstrating results, performance and achievement. Funding depends on proving worth. Investment seeks a measurable return. Yet the process of measurement creates confusion, fear, resistance and undermines effectiveness when complicated tools create data that is not broadly useful. Without a steady stream of meaningful data an organization has no bar to raise or real achievement to praise.

Do you routinely measure results against promised outcomes to demonstrate and reward success?

Evaluation Energizes Effective Outcomes

TSI collects a comprehensive scope of data on an organization using everything from data sets to operation manuals to employee feedback and acclaimed culture and diversity surveys. Working closely with management, TSI identifies priority issues for which measurement tools are customized to link to group goals. A process for review and adaptive interactions is introduced as needed, so over time the tools become a custom of continuous improvement and consistent achievement. Critical questions we help you address include:

Would an independent third party commend your performance?
How do you justify requests for budget increases?
Do you have full support from your funding sponsors?

The Value of Measuring Promises

Evaluation proves promises are kept. It empowers talented people to set and achieve bold goals. Measurement tools are crucial to impeccable leadership because they are reliable decision-making aids that showcase results and drive an adaptive culture. Evaluation measures provide evidence that resources are being used efficiently, they keep an organization honest through role clarity – and inspire as well as reward great talent.

TSI Difference

TSI works from the outside in, offering the detached perspective from a multidisciplinary team of industrial engineers, psychologists, business experts, statisticians and communication specialists who understand best practices and have designed and implemented unique evaluation programs in every kind of organization in most industries. A low-maintenance direct support committed to leadership vision, TSI considers its work done when clients no longer need TSI to use measuring tools to achieve goals and keep stakeholders fully engaged.

Inspecting What is Expected

  • Measures desired outcomes
  • Documents return on investment
  • Routinizes progress checks
  • Provides stakeholder transparency
  • Sharper focus on achievement
  • Demonstrated community impact
  • Advantage in advocating funding
  • Improved products and services