Optimize Your Greatest Asset

Staff losses in key positions, as well as large scale attrition brought on by retiring baby boomers, present inherent challenges to organizations seeking the right alignment of capability, capacity and strategy. Shifting environmental drivers, industry direction, and future technologies present pressure to intelligently position your organization’s investment in human capital to remain competitive. Human capital risks can manifest themselves as: lack of knowledge and leadership depth across the organization, a protracted and unclear development path for entry and junior level staff, and lack of alignment of talent to current priorities and strategic objectives. Ultimately, talent capabilities may be unsustainable in supporting the long term objectives of your organization.

Do you have enough of the right people in the right place performing the right work at the right time? Will you in 5 years?

A Highly Capable Workforce Improves Strategic Advantage

TSI’s human capital approach blends situational appraisal, background research and needs-analysis to assess your organization’s current workforce circumstances. Our solutions are tailored to your unique profile, including workforce alignment with short and long-term strategies; implementation of talent management plans to support succession, onboarding, and career/talent development; and scorecard assessments of workforce health and gaps to provide ongoing decision making support for leaders. Critical questions we help you address include:

How many key people are likely to retire or leave in the next five years?
What strategies will entice your best people to stay?
Are you motivating staff with career paths?

The Value of a Prepared Workforce

Your organization can achieve stability and minimize risk during transitions by creating a plan for developing current talent, for ensuring succession during attrition, and for retaining and attracting the best talent possible. A workforce prepared by your development plans is the most cost-effective and impactful investment you can make in gaining competitive advantage.

TSI Difference

TSI’s human capital management team appreciates how unique your human capital issues are. We do not use pre-designed models but, instead, devise plans, tools and objectives to suit your organization’s boldest goals and many drivers. Our methods provide a holistic, measured structure to human capital planning, aligning the workforce with strategy, customers and stakeholders, and required capability and capacity.

Aligning Talent to Gain the Competitive Edge

  • Balanced assessment of talent base
  • Prioritized long-term talent needs
  • Executable actions to close gaps
  • Useful metrics of workforce health
  • Scale-able, repeatable approach
  • Improved talent retention
  • Succession plans for continuity
  • Transfer of corporate knowledge
  • Bench depth for future success