Continuous Flow of Value

Decades of immersion in process improvement approaches have burned much of the waste out of struggling organizations. Globalization, decentralization, and technology revolutions make it increasingly hard to discern the value chain—for commercial and public enterprises alike. Demand is evolving at breakneck speed, as customers grapple with innovation, competition, talent and resource shortages, and declining budgets.

How can you focus every resource and wellspring of talent on delivering customer value?

Value Streaming Improves Stakeholder Satisfaction

Our work starts by mapping the activities and information flow of service delivery and product development. These maps are analyzed by TSI’s signature multi-disciplinary teams of experts, who redesign the mapping to optimize the value stream. A process for embedding the changes in daily work routines is launched, and systems of measurement and adaptation are put in place to maintain rationalized use of resources for maximum output. Critical questions we help you address include:

What value streams really drive your enterprise’s success?
How do you know what outcomes your customers really value?
How do you inspire all staff to connect directly to creating customer value?

The Value of Seeing Systems

A rigorous approach to enterprise value stream management requires a constant assessment of customers’ needs and a constant process of adaptation to your own fast-changing circumstances. Only activities that create real value for the customer are supported, and the ability to choose freely and remain market nimble must be part of the culture. Finding a way to embed a custom of life-long learning within the organization drives momentum in value streaming for the long-term.

TSI Difference

In enterprise value stream solutions, TSI has always offered more than expertise of its top level engineers, lean six sigma black belts and organizational change management experts. From its inception, we have worked in multi-disciplinary groups, blending best practice process management tools with behavioral, psychological and creative methodologies. The solutions we leave with you are so well-tailored to your unique circumstances that your boldest goals will prove attainable.

Delivering Best Value by Thinking Bigger

  • Eliminate non-value activities
  • Identify and eradicate waste
  • Abolish redundancy
  • Enhance overall effectiveness
  • Improve and maintain quality
  • Best value for rationalized cost
  • Long-term customer retention
  • Culture of continuous improvement
  • Confidence amidst daily change