March 28 2017 0Comment


Are you seeking to develop new leadership skills to uplift your people and identify steps toward a faster, smarter, and happier enterprise? I suggest asking yourself these questions:


  1. What are we doing to create (or maintain) a collective vision?
  2. Do our people feel bigger and better after conversations with our leaders?
  3. How effective are we at matching our people to their work? How do we know?
  4. How effective are we at hearing and understanding our people? What are they telling us?
  5. How do we build bonds with all of our stakeholders including employees, customers, and suppliers?
  6. Why would our people approach (or be attracted to) improving our enterprise, and why would they avoid (or be fearful of) improvement?
  7. How often do our leaders “walk around”? What is the right frequency?


Your answers to these questions can help you to be a more effective leader, do great things for your people, have meaningful professional success, and achieve your enterprise transformation goals.


You can find more on lifting your organization to new heights in my book, Energized Enterprise.