January 18 2017 0Comment


What priorities should I tackle first? How can my teams work more cooperatively together?  These are just some of the questions leaders ask as they try to wrap their arms around the many moving pieces of their business and steer in the right direction.  I have met many leaders who want to improve customer satisfaction and organizational performance, but they don’t know where to start.


Business and government face demands that have never before been matched in United States history. Budgets have tightened due to a declining economic climate. Technology, acquisition, and logistics are increasingly complex. Policies and procedures are changing swiftly to meet the demands of a transforming world. In the midst of such conditions, leaders must obtain information— quickly and objectively—to drive decisions.


Organizational assessments provide insight and guidance by capturing the current state of the enterprise.  Furthermore, organizational assessments can provide leaders, managers, teams, and individuals at all levels with a variety of helpful tools including:


  • report of existing strengths
  • picture of growth opportunities
  • list of clear, justifiable priorities
  • plan for workplace improvement


Through the assessment process, leaders identify the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations which in turn fuels strategic and tactical planning. Comprehensive appraisals prioritize improvement opportunities so resources can be focused more effectively. Assessments also offer elevation, which is critical to understanding large-scale systems. Effectively using assessments can help leaders to:


  • leverage key strengths
  • accelerate growth
  • boost employee motivation
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • increase organizational performance


Leaders can see a picture of where the total system is today and make choices to advance and optimize overall performance. As this baseline understanding emerges, organizations gain the ability to set priorities and take effective action, resulting in improved efficiency and targeted business results.


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