April 07 2016 0Comment


I was invited to give the keynote address at the Women in Government Contracting Conference, which was held last Friday. The conference theme was “Grow your business, grow yourself,” and was attended by strong leaders in the government contracting community. I shared several stories and strategies for success, including how meaningful success begins – by clarifying our intention to get clear about what we really want.


As I shared with the government contracting leaders, most people are conscious about what they don’t want.   Such as, I don’t want to do performance reviews. Or I don’t want to make difficult business decisions. The challenge is to get conscious and clear about what we DO want.


I asked the group to think hard about what they REALLY want? What did they want from investing their life’s energy there that day? I asked them to dig deeper and get more specific.


I asked them, “If your answers included things like, to make a contribution…why? Or, to grow and develop…into what? To meet people…for what purpose?”


The point is clarity…to get laser sharp.


Being successful demands clarity of what we want for our self, our relationships, and our endeavors. It’s a 3-legged stool. It will fall if any leg is weak.


Then, I asked them to think again about what they want. This time it’s bigger, not just for that day. There’s no time horizon. Overall, what did they want for themselves? Their relationships? Their endeavors?


Our success hinges on the clarity of our answers to these questions. This is true in professional associations, government agencies, large companies, and small businesses.


Clear intention starts with what you want.