July 21 2015 0Comment

Energized Enterprise

I’m pleased to announce that my new book, Energized Enterprise: Leading Your Workforce to New Peaks of Performance in the Public Sector and Beyond, will hit shelves September 15th. Energized Enterprise is all about motivational acumen and gives leaders guidance on how to put both the human element and the total enterprise at the forefront of their strategy and daily actions. The book offers fundamental principles of effective leadership, seven key leadership rules, as well as research, stories, and practical examples that leaders can use.


As most of you know, the government workforce is under a huge amount of stress ranging from the long-term consequences of sequestration and budget uncertainty to increased demands on their talent and time given the dynamic international and domestic world situation. As a nation and as taxpayers, we depend on these individuals and leaders to accomplish their goals and to deliver services to our citizens, whether these services are for national defense within the Department of Defense or Homeland Security, or for the sustainment of our country’s infrastructure as provided by the Internal Revenue Service or National Park Service, for example. Energized Enterprise is squarely focused on the challenge of driving sustainable success at the individual, team, and enterprise levels, resulting in a government workforce that is motivated, engaged, and filled with people who are alert, growing, and making a bigger difference. The same principles can be applied to other industries and market segments, too.


In the coming weeks, I will highlight some of the key components of Energized Enterprise as well as comment on how the tenets of my ADVANCE TO THE LEADING EDGE® book series (Leaders in Motion, Everybody’s Business, and Energized Enterprise) apply to many of the current events that are dominating the news. My passion is to develop a leading edge workforce of individuals who have strong personal, interpersonal, organizational, and motivational acumen. Like my previous blogs about Ellen, Eva, and Vivian, I will continue to share leadership experiences and case studies that my team and I have observed in our practice. I hope these personal observations, coupled my perspective on the latest news and research will provide practical and timely tools for leaders to propel their workforce over today’s hurdles. Stay tuned for more in the coming days!