Decision Making

Method-Driven Resolutions

Decision making involves complex variables and disparate factors. Multiple and potentially competing stakeholders are involved. Trade-offs will be asked of some for the sake of the whole. Without a dispassionate methodology, the decision process can seem unfair and indefensible, creating from the outset doubt and resistance among those whose participation is needed for success. The landscape changes for the next tough decision, so the process must start over, using the same or more resources and energy every time.

Is a broad-scale decision badly needed in your organization that, for now, remains stalled in a floundering status quo?

Methodology Creates Decision Consensus

TSI offers a repeatable methodology for clients to document a dispassionate analysis of factors and priorities. Our analytical approach creates clearly supportable decisions for all stakeholders, achieving dramatic fluency when dealing with complex problems. The decision process is documented in a historical record to guide subsequent decision-making with the same rationale to maintain consistency across time and groups. Critical questions we help you address include:

What are the right criteria for choosing sound action?
How do we unify key leaders’ divergent views?
Are there guidelines to ensure consistent future decisions?

The Value of Clear Methodology

A clear methodology reflects a commitment to all stakeholders that the decision process relies on their best contributions and aims for an outcome that benefits the greater good. Difficulties accepting change are transformed into individuals’ recognition that the end was chosen after everyone has been heard. Clarity and commitment are reinforced because a dispassionate methodology translates passion among highly intelligent stakeholders into actionable data that appeals to reason.

TSI Difference

TSI excels at reducing complexity for clients because we have refined a methodology for analytical decision-making which builds consensus and proves worth. Our approach sorts through competing criteria, concerns, resource needs, and commitments. It forges a clear decision path that brings unity to cross purposes and confidence to hesitation. Our methodology empowers leaders across an organization with cohesion in work and purpose to reduce redundancies of all kinds. As a result, talent is focused on achieving shared success and resources are used for incremental growth and not status quo.

Evaluating Options to Decide the Way Ahead

  • Repeatable decision process
  • Logical plan for evolving criteria
  • Objectivity for subjective scenarios
  • Justifies selected courses of action
  • Defend big contract awards
  • Decisions in days not weeks
  • Energize group for action
  • Unify disparate views
  • Buy-in across the enterprise

Decision Making

TSI excels at reducing complexity for clients because we have refined a methodology for analytical decision making which builds consensus and proves worth.