April 28 2016 0Comment


As a CEO, keynote speaker, and board leader, I attend many events throughout the year as a presenter, guest, or sponsor. One of my favorite annual events is the Easter Seals Advocacy Awards, a special evening where leaders in business, government, and military join forces to support vital Easter Seals programs and honor advocates who have made great contributions to advancing opportunities for children and adults with disabilities or special needs, including military families. As a board member of the organization and advocate for military families, it is a cause near and dear to my heart.


This year’s Advocacy Awards featured several special guests, including John Travolta and Kelly Preston. I had the opportunity to chat with them over dinner and introduce John from the stage. They are such a gracious and kind couple. You know John from such iconic films as Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Pulp Fiction. But he is also well known for his zeal for aviation. He attended the event as the Ambassador of Aviation, and to support his friend, Advocacy Award recipient, Major General Carl McNair. During John’s remarks, these words resonated with me:


“As someone who has experienced profound life challenges, I completely understand the power of a supportive community. I don’t think I could have been here without it. And Easter Seals is providing that very support. I have admired General McNair’s involvement with Easter Seals and now I see clearly why he is so passionate about this. This support will make all the difference.”


My belief is that nourishing the body, mind and spirit equips people to make the most of their innate abilities and reach the heights of their potential. Feed to Lead, my company’s corporate social responsibility program, builds on this premise to expand and develop leadership potential in those who need a helping hand.  My personal goal is to make a positive impact in our community, and I’m grateful for opportunities to unite my passions for leadership effectiveness and social responsibility with organizations such as Easter Seals and individuals like MAJ GEN McNair and the Travolta family. In the end, as leaders we can create a better tomorrow by supporting others. Many thanks to all of you who choose to lead, serve, and create a stronger community!