At TSI, our heartfelt condolences go out to all those who have been personally affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).  Our gratitude is with healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines of this issue.  We recognize this is a time of unprecedented global uncertainty and human impact.


In response to this crisis, TSI has come together to focus on three priorities to support our team, leaders, and customers:

  • Team: For the continued safety and well-being of the TSI team and their families, we are taking all measures to ensure their health and safety through updated work arrangements and protocols.
  • Leaders: TSI’s mission to “Keep leaders in motion to achieve bold goals” remains unchanged and more important than ever.  For almost two decades we have been honored to deliver results for our customers, and continue to do so at the highest level.  We can keep you in motion in your virtual leadership role.
  • Customers: We’re here for you, and we have solutions for you.  Our virtual human capital programs transform the current and future workforces of government and private sector organizations.  We stand ready to help individuals in your organization continue summoning their superpowers.

In an effort to support organizations and leaders during this turbulent time, TSI is offering complimentary resources including access to the LEAP app and leadership materials.  For more information, please contact