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Effective leaders plant and cultivate seeds of energy. In an energized enterprise led by an effective leader, we see possibility thinkers who say, “Sure, we can do that!” or “How can we do that?” Their attitudes are, “We’ve got each other’s backs.” People offer help when they know you need it or even if they are not sure you need it. They have a high level of self-confidence. They’re awake, alive, alert, and open to whatever is going on in the world. They’re always wondering what’s next. They’re never satisfied or content with the status quo. They’re thinking about how to move on to better or different. They laugh a lot. They invite their colleagues to do social things. They are other-aware in that they notice that their colleagues are stressed or upset, and offer to listen or help. Titles and formality don’t matter that much. There’s a clear decision hierarchy, but all ideas are valued.


You can find this energy in people everywhere. You meet them all the time, and you can see they have it. Also, the people around you will in part be a reflection of the attitude, traits, and behaviors that you as a leader display. So, be the energy that you wish to see in your organization. Set expectations for what is acceptable. Model a positive attitude and communicate impeccably. People will follow in your footsteps, and you’ll notice behaviors such as those listed below.



  • Smile and have fun.
  • Exhibit excitement about what they need to get done.
  • Look forward to going to work and contributing to the mission.
  • If something is off track, they bring it forward to get it resolved.
  • Display positive behavior even when no one is around to witness it.
  • Talk honestly about what’s working and not working in doing their job.
  • Show general connection and alignment with organizational objectives.
  • Do the right thing even if a supervisor is not peeking over their shoulder.


One of the first things I notice in an energized enterprise with effective leadership at the helm is buzz. You can feel the buzz. There’s a higher pace and energy level. People are much more likely to be proactive to do things ahead of time. They offer ideas. There’s speed and proactivity that causes them to make things happen. That’s how they get more results. There are some people who are determined to add value and have a good life regardless; they just do it. Even if everyone around them is complaining, they’re happy, pleasant, and get the job done. What makes them stand apart is perspective and determination. They’ve chosen to be that way. They have decided the type of experience they want for themselves and for those around them. Those people are excellent role models and naturally fill the shoes of effective leadership. You may have decided to be one of these people. If so, I applaud you. If not, it’s never too late to change. You can decide today.