Janelle Millard



Director, Strategic Initiatives

As the Director of Strategic Initiatives for TSI, Janelle Millard works with internal and external clients to achieve boundary-spanning strategic initiatives. She is dedicated to assisting people to achieve their bold goals through the design and execution of new initiatives and programs. Now based in San Francisco, Janelle is taking the momentum from TSI’s established brand in DC to build out the company’s national presence.


In her role she directs the firm’s communications, marketing and public relations initiatives.  She develops and executes marketing plan and communication strategies, coordinates company speaking engagements, and increases the company presence and recognition in the defense and contracting industry.  Janelle serves as the company liaison with association partners.  With a passion and knack for communications strategy, Janelle brings a steady stream of visibility and recognition to TSI and the company’s clients.  She also directs many of  TSI’s business development initiatives.


Janelle is the project manager of TSI’s publishing activities.  She manages project schedule, design, distribution, endorsements, and promotion of TSI’s published books.


As Director of Strategic Initiatives, she steers TSI’s corporate social responsibility program, Feed to Lead.  She builds and maintains relationship with TSI’s key charitable partners, organizes volunteer activities and giving.


Janelle holds a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in Communications.