Altyn Clark



Chief Solutions Officer

Dr. Altyn Clark is the Chief Solutions Officer at TSI. His expertise includes:

  • Organizational Assessments
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Management
  • Tactical Execution
  • Performance Measurement
  • Coaching
  • Workforce Engagement and Development
  • Management Systems Engineering Process Improvement
  • Group Facilitation
  • Program and Project Management


Altyn delivers customer-driven solutions, drives value-adding consulting behaviors, and develops a balanced results-oriented culture. He uses the engineering design process to assess and advance organizational systems rather than hardware or software systems. His professional practice of management systems engineering coupled with the psychology and methods of large scale change has enabled Altyn to create and improve strategic management systems, performance measurement systems, learning systems, human resource systems, organizational structures, core value streams, and business processes for clients, including: Datatel, BAE, DHS, USGS, Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Special Operations Forces, Coast Guard, Postal Service, Canada Government, Botswana Government, Virginia Government, Virginia Supreme Court.


Altyn rapidly absorbs bodies of knowledge and invents integrating simple, practical and useful models, methods, approaches, and tools. Altyn brings over 30 years of subject matter expertise in engineering, quality control and assurance, program and personnel management, research, logistics, human capital and strategic management. Altyn is an accomplished writer, teacher, speaker and presenter.


Altyn is a troubleshooter that leaders call on to diagnose ambiguity and propose a way ahead when they are stuck. He is fluid in all modes of professional functioning, moving seamlessly from facilitator to active listener, from expert solution provider to data gatherer, from structured group process provider to process observer, from recorder to challenger and honest broker. An experienced transformation program manager, Altyn helps leaders navigate polarities by collaborating to build trustwillingness and trustworthiness, to diagnose resistance, and to formulate helpful actions. Altyn has a gift for shaping executive team conversations and capturing the kernels of wisdom that emerge in a concise and compelling story, consistently producing “Aha!” moments and visual stories for senior leaders.


Altyn is the co-author of the Strategic Performance Measurement chapter, Handbook of Industrial & Systems Engineering (CRC Press, 2013).


He holds three degrees from Virginia Tech: Ph.D. Industrial & Systems Engineering, M.S. Operations Research, and B.S. Industrial Engineering & Operations Research. He is a stained glass artist, long distance runner, and STEM program advocate for underserved K-12 youth.