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Great employers understand what it means to match people with job demands, with their coworkers, and with the organization itself. With this knowledge, organizations build compatibility between individuals and the work environment. Research shows that the better the fit, the better the performance.


  1. Fit with Job

Many people are in jobs they loved two or three years ago. Now that they’ve mastered the job, they want the next challenge. Matching people to jobs is about stretching their abilities, but not to the breaking point. Most people want a job that’s a little harder than they think they can do. If it’s too hard, they give up. If it’s too easy, they get bored. Transformational leaders pay attention to where everyone is on this continuum of job satisfaction.


2.  Fit with Coworkers

It’s important for people to understand their fit with a workgroup. We’re social creatures, and if we don’t have anyone  to connect with for eight hours out of the day, we’re going to be miserable.  Research shows that facilitating compatibility within teams and working groups can boost performance. Transformational leaders help people understand each other’s preferences and values as they help everybody discover common ground.


3.  Fit with Organization

People are drawn to organizations whose values resonate with their own. Studies indicate that an organization’s values can attract potential employees if the organization’s values are visible. Research also shows that people are less likely to leave when there is fit between their individual values and those of the organization. Transformational leaders serve as role models demonstrating the organization’s values through their decision, actions, and communication.