Improved Bottom Line and Mission Effectiveness

People in organizations often feel they are data rich and information poor, collecting and reporting lots of meaningless data yet lacking what they need to make key decisions. In situations like these, people are constantly complaining they do not know what is important or how they are performing. When information does come forth, it is not relevant, “too little, too late,” or the decision makers deny the conclusions because they don’t trust the data.

What business results must we create, and how will we know when we have them?

QUICK℠ Measures Drive Results

Experienced measurement consultants approach measurement holistically by integrating the contributions of multiple disciplines. They understand that “audience + purpose = design”, and use that equation along with the engineering design process to craft measures that fit the situation. They believe data converted to information can be meaningful without being difficult or complex to collect. They have an approach that is robust and works on any scale. Finally, they blend qualitative and quantitative indicators to help guide decisions.

What categories of results best define our successful performance?
What indicators reveal best what is needed for consistent, top performance?
Is there a minimalist approach to measuring for maximum impact?

The Value of Trusted Measures

Working with a measurement expert to build useful measures can lead to a different decision making experience. When the question “What’s important to us and how are we doing?” is asked, the answer is visible to everyone. Each person understands how they fit into the big picture. Timely, accurate, trustworthy, and complete information is available to help people answer the questions that used to keep them up at night. Members of the organization have an ongoing source of performance data, allowing quick responses to “unexpected” questions with little additional effort.

TSI Difference

We’ve spent our careers absorbing the organizational measurement classics. Our measurement team can help you understand the current state, and guide you through the logic of your journey to the desired state. We can create a measurement strategy that has meaning for you, captures the information you want, and provides a real picture of your achieved results. We also teach you how to use the Plan-Do-Study-Act model to monitor what has happened and make better choices, ensuring the translation of vague ideas into specific measurable results and actions.

Measuring What is Led and Managed

  • Better decisions
  • Improved quality
  • Enhanced effectiveness
  • Increased revenues
  • Demonstrated impact
  • Picture of the current state
  • Appreciation of the past
  • Clarity for the desired state
  • Defined priorities
  • Buy-in across the enterprise