A Framework for Improved Performance

Business and government encounter new opportunities and demands every day. Budgets are tight, talent is mobile and hiring is competitive.Technology, acquisition and logistics are increasingly complex. Policies and procedures are changing swiftly to meet the demands of a transforming world. In the midst of such conditions, leaders must obtain information—quickly and objectively—to drive decision.

Is your organization effectively gathering the information you need to identify key priorities and create tactical plans?

Assessment Improves Decision-Making

TSI’s organizational assessment services combine a total systems perspective with objective analysis. Our comprehensive assessment framework includes examinations of ten key organizational fronts along with customized solutions. Critical questions we help you address include:

What priorities should we tackle first?
What are the barriers to getting things done more quickly?
How can my team work more cooperatively together?

The Value of Clear Understanding

Organizational assessments provide guidance by capturing the current state of the enterprise. Through the assessment process, leaders identify the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations which in turn fuels strategic and tactical planning. Comprehensive appraisals prioritize improvement opportunities so resources can be focused more effectively. Assessments also offer evaluation, which is critical to understanding large-scale systems. Leaders can see a picture of where the total system is today and make choices to advance and optimize overall performance. As this baseline understanding emerges, organizations gain the ability to set priorities and take effective action, resulting in improved efficiency and targeted business results.

TSI Difference

The TSI organizational assessment team brings a unique perspective to serving leaders by blending lessons from our experience in systems engineering and organizational psychology. Not only do clients benefit from balanced attention to both technical and behavioral factors, but also they draw on TSI’s expertise gained from decades of working with large enterprises.

Achieving Clarity for Accountable Direction

  • Report of existing strengths
  • Picture of growth opportunities
  • List of clear, justifiable priorities
  • Plan for workplace improvement
  • Leverage key strengths
  • Accelerate growth
  • Greater employee motivation
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better organizational performance