The LEAP app is your pocket coach to help you be your best, do great things, and have meaningful success. LEAP, or Leadership Effectiveness and Potential, is a powerful framework for boosting your current strengths and seizing exciting growth opportunities. The LEAP app mentors you to become more personally, interpersonally, organizationally, and motivationally masterful.

Let the LEAP app guide you to expand your results, leverage your relationships, integrate your environment, and inspire great performance. Use the LEAP app to assess your superpowers, experiment with new behaviors, and achieve your boldest goals.  Make the leap today!


  • Take the LEAP Profile to assess yourself and make decisions for your growth

  • View a dynamic display of assessment results that support your development

  • Track your personalized history of assessment results to monitor your progress

  • Receive actionable tips to help you advance to your leading edge of performance

  • Gain skills and information to soar to new heights personally and professionally

  • View videos on personal, interpersonal, organizational, and motivational mastery