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Great leaders strive to create an environment where people frequently smile, exhibit happiness, and show an abundance of energy. An environment where any redundancy, waste, and abuse that may exist become easier to discover, measure, monitor, and eradicate. These leaders are faster in adopting new and innovative technologies. They motivate their teams to be engaged and productive. How?  By asking themselves these 10 questions:


  1. What am I currently doing to build my self-awareness, what is working for me, and what can I do to become more self-aware?
  2. What am I doing to engage my heart in connecting with my people?
  3. How well do I currently read people?
  4. What can I do to be a better listener?
  5. How would I rate my ability to be persuasive? How can I better exercise collaboration to be more persuasive?
  6. What am I currently doing to build strong relationships and how can I be more effective in building bonds?
  7. What actions am I currently taking to unite people and ideas and what do I need to do next to become more effective at uniting?
  8. How am I building and leveraging my networks? Who is missing from my network, and what am I willing to do to address the void?
  9. What signs and results indicate that I’m an effective leader?
  10. What additional signs and results can I choose to create?