Technology Advances, Business Disruptions

Large enterprise IT systems are typically launched top-down, and change can outpace an organization’s capacity at all levels. In the chaos that ensues, opportunities for crafting elegant solutions become second priority to surviving implementation. Ironically, instead of innovating to re-engineer improvements, IT systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-commerce applications, and cloud computing too often simply codify outdated or flawed core business processes.

Are your enterprise technology initiatives achieving full financial, operational, customer, and stakeholder outcomes?

IT Planning for Remarkable Outcomes

TSI relies on an outcomes-driven approach to launching enterprise IT programs, mixing elements of organizational assessment and strategic planning with training to ensure all features of the new technology have meaning in daily work life as well as to protect the organization from costly, demoralizing disruption. Critical questions we help you address include:

How can we minimize work disruption at launch?
Will output improvements return our full investment?
How do we best align business processes and IT requirements?

The Value of Outcome-Driven IT Change

Enterprise IT systems represent today’s utmost opportunity to empower talent, reduce costs, rationalize resources, and maximize remarkable outcomes through new efficiencies and consistencies in business practice. With a compelling case for sound organizational assessment and solid implementation plans, we guide you in launching a grassroots organizational transformation that inspires renewed energy and confidence among individuals and, also, that plans for managing major risk factors commonly underestimated in large-scale enterprise IT projects.

TSI Difference

TSI is your partner in forging mindful organizational IT program changes, integrating new technical upgrades with business, organizational, and behavioral areas of impact. Our team
members have decades of experience in IT implementation, which we
combine with experts in business case development, program management, organizational change management, and measurement. Our track record of demonstrated success includes commercial and public sector clients with enterprise technology initiatives including ERP, e-commerce, and customer development applications. From first concept through full implementation, we remain at your side, ensuring unity, clarity and continuous improvements.

Mindful Change During IT Adoption

  • Outcome-driven solutions
  • Effective technology acceptance
  • Faster implementation
  • Successfully managed risk
  • Engaged stakeholders
  • Roadmap for intended outcomes
  • Go-Live on time with no issues
  • Increased end-user adoption rate
  • Decreased implementation cost