January 19 2016 0Comment


Define and understand what it means to be on purpose and how to remain there. It’s easy to get distracted and discouraged by the million things in your life. But the way to really make things happen and achieve your goals is to clear your mind, pull together the tools you need, and fully embrace the situation at hand. For example, make sure you get enough sleep and that you aren’t overscheduling yourself to the point that you can’t pay attention. Don’t make these same kinds of expectations that result in your people being sleepy, overbooked, and unable to show up rested and alert at all times. Every leader can do little things like this to ensure that he or she shows up 100 percent in the moment and that all members of the organization realize that they too are expected and encouraged to show up fully engaged.


Seven leadership rules that help organizations rise to new peaks of performance are featured in my latest book, Energized Enterprise.